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Books & Reviews

New Texts and Catalog of the Dolpopa Collection

An annotated listing of each Tibetan title in the 2011 edition of Dolpopa's Collected Writings is attached below, including a list of the thirteen titles that are not included in either of the Dzamthang editions.

In compiling this, the source statement for each text was translated and included. This indicates whether the particular text is based primarily on newly available sources or solely on the Dzamthang blockprint edition, which is in turn based primarily on the Dzamthang manuscript edition. The Dzamthang manuscript edition did not become available to the outside world until 1992. The Dzamthang blockprint edition followed several years later. The 2011 edition...

Dolpopa's Collected Writings New Edition

A new edition of the Tibetan language collected writings ( gsung ’bum ) of Dolpopa was published in 13 volumes in 2011, though it did not become available until 2013. It was published in China in western style book format (paperbound).

jf_dol po pa gsung 'bum.jpg Dolpopa’s collected writings first became available to the world outside Tibet in 1992 with the publication of The ’Dzam-thang Edition of the Collected Works (gsung ’bum) of Kun-mkhyen Dol-po-pa Shes-rab-rgyal-mtshan...

Jonang Pubications III

Jonang Publication Series III Released

The third set in the Jonang Publication Series (Jo nang dpe tshogs) is now available for purchase from Jonang Foundation. This ongoing series of select Tibetan Buddhist classics features important works by major Jonang authors from all genres of sutra and tantra. Each work in this series is chosen from the corpus of Jonang literature to reflect the contemporary scholastic curriculum within Jonang monastic universities inside Tibet. Several texts in this series are being made available in published form for the first time in centuries.

Review: The Chapter on Sadhana

With her intuitive sense of the text, Vesna Wallace, one of the foremost Kālachakra scholars of our time, has eloquently deciphered and rendered the fourth chapter on the Sādhanā from the Kālachakra Tantra into the English language. Along with her previous publication of the second chapter on the Individual in this same series, this chapter on the Sādhanā or practice manual completes two of the Kālachakra Tantra’s five chapters in English. Both of these translations include the root tantra along with its explanatory commentary, the Vimalaprabhā or Stainless Light . [1]

While reading the recently published translation of the Kālachakra Sādhanā, I...

"The Buddha from Dolpo"

Revised Version of "The Buddha from Dolpo" Now Available

The Buddha from Dolpo: A Study of the Life and Thought of the Tibetan Master Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen by Cyrus Stearns is now in a revised and expanded edition.

bufrdo.jpg Book Cover

"The Buddha from Dölpo is the most significant contribution to the study of the life and revelations of one of the most enigmatic personalities in Tibetan intellectual history, the Jonang master Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen (1292–1361). Narrating Dolpopa's life story and evolution of thought, Cyrus Stearns lucidly describes how this foremost exponent of shentong philosophical thinking and Kalachakra tantric practice served as the catalyst figure for the Jonang Buddhist tradition during its formative period in fourteenth-century Tibet.

Sutra Tantra Series

Jonang Sutra and Tantra Series

jonang culture.jpg Sutra and Tantra Series

We are glad to announce and make available for purchase the long anticipated publication, The Jonang Sutra and Tantra Series .

This 26 volume collection titled, Jo nang mdo sngags rig pa'i dpe tshogs includes select texts from major authors of the Jonang tradition. Works in the collection are written by Tāranātha (1575-1634), Bamda Thubten Gelek Gyatso (1844-1904), Dzamthang Khenpo Tsoknyi Gyatso (1880-1904), and Droge Jamyang Khenrab Gyatso (1901-1959). This collection...

Reflecting 'The Crystal Mirror'

Maybe its the dark magnetism of impending all hallows' eve, but I'm feeling a mischievous urge to rile up all the ghouls and goblins of unapologetic dogmatism and have them stare in unison — — into The Crystal Mirror . That is, The Crystal Mirror of Philosophical Systems by Thuken Losang Chökyi Nyima (1737-1802). Fortunately, this classical Tibetan polemical text is now available to the English reading world due to the clear translation of Geshe Lhundup Sopa and the lucid editing of Roger Jackson under the umbrella of The Library of Tibetan Classics series (Wisdom Publications, '09). [1]

Though the earliest attempt to translate...

Taranatha Pecha Set

Handwritten Works by Taranatha

jonang pecha.JPG Taranatha Pecha

This is a reproduction of handwritten manuscripts of the Collected Works of Jetsun Taranatha in ten volumes. This edition is in cursive Tibetan script in pecha format. Published in China at Krung go'i bod rig pa dpe skrun khang (Beijing, 2008).

The set is an alternative version of texts from those printed from the Drepung, Phuntsok Ling, and Dzamthang editions of Taranatha's writings. Includes: Booklet table of contents with short biography of author. Unbound loose leaf folio with...

Taranatha Book Set

Taranatha's Collected Works as Book Set

多罗那他对勘本43-87.JPG Taranatha's Book Set

The complete set of the Jonang scholar Taranatha's (1575-1635) Collected Works are now being made available in paperback book form for the first time. The collection is 45 volumes in total. Published in China as part of Mes po'i shul bzhag series (Beijing, 2008). The set is based on rare manuscripts from the Drepung Library Collection, and texts differ slightly from both the Leh edition (reproduced from the Phuntsok Ling blocks) and the Dzamthang prints.

New Kalachakra Book

As Long As Space Endures: Essays on the Kalacakra Tantra

The Kalachakra ( Wheel of Time ) Tantra system is considered in the Tibetan tradition to be the pinnacle of Buddhist teaching, providing the clearest and most comprehensive exposition of how the highest potential for individual transformation is embedded within cosmic and social realities. The volume As Long As Space Endures: Essays on the Kalachakra Tantra celebrates the transmission of these important teachings.

This volume features two dozen translations and studies by top international scholars. There are several articles related to the Jonang tradition including: an article on the Jonang Kalachakra lineage history, a description...