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The Jonangpa Blog

Shambhala Sun Auctions Pilgrimage to Kailash

A spot on the Jonang Foundation Pilgrimage to Mount Kailash for the 2014 Horse Year Festival during Saga Dawa may be bid on and bought during the Shambhala Sun Foundation's annual online auction.

Jonang Foundation has gifted one spot on the 21-day pilgrimage, Trip 02: The Great Horse Festival at Mt. Kailash (June 03-June 24) , to our friends at the Shambhala Sun Foundation . The item may be bid on during their annual online auction .

Buddhadharma__The_Practitioner_s_Quarterly___Winter-13___Read___Zinio_Digital_Magazines.jpeg ...

Dolpopa's Collected Writings New Edition

A new edition of the Tibetan language collected writings ( gsung ’bum ) of Dolpopa was published in 13 volumes in 2011, though it did not become available until 2013. It was published in China in western style book format (paperbound).

jf_dol po pa gsung 'bum.jpg Dolpopa’s collected writings first became available to the world outside Tibet in 1992 with the publication of The ’Dzam-thang Edition of the Collected Works (gsung ’bum) of Kun-mkhyen Dol-po-pa Shes-rab-rgyal-mtshan...

Jonang Drogge Khenpo Palden Passes

We are deeply saddened to announce the untimely passing of Khenpo Kunga Palden Gyatso (1964-2013), a dear teacher and friend, and a member of our Board of Advisors . jf_drogge khenpo palden.jpeg Khenpo Palden, affectionately known by many of us in the Jonangpa community as "Drogge Palden," was the chief khenpo at Drogge Monastery in Ngawa, Tibet. His tragic passing comes as shocking news. Khenpo Palden along with his driver and another monk, all from Drogge Monastery, were on route from Barkam...

Supporting Schools in Gyarong, Tibet

Jonang Foundation is happy to announce that we have financially supported twelve impoverished schools in the Gyarong region of eastern Tibet.

jf_gyarong_01.jpg This is part of an ongoing project headed by the Jonang Standing Council . The project outfits these schools with supplies, provides blankets and clothes as well as food for one year for each student at the twelve schools. The total cost of the program was nearly U.S. $20,000. Through our fundraising, we are delighted to have...

Jonang Monks in Moscow, Russia

Please see the announcement that we are reposting here about the upcoming public programs by Jonang monks in Russia: Buddhist monks of Jonang tradition will construct a mandala of Kalachakra and conduct initiations and rituals in Moscow from 29.09 to 6.10 Buddhist monks from the Jonang Takten Phuntsok Choling monastery (India) will build in Moscow Kalachakra sand mandala, giving us a unique opportunity to see the top of the art of the ancient monasteries of Tibet. Jonang Monastery Takten Phuntsok Choling is the only monastery of Jonang tradition in India, where lives 120 monks who practice Kalachakra Tantra.


29.09.13 (Sunday)

12.00–13.00 The opening ceremony of...

Taranatha in Mongolia

There is much lore about Taranatha in Mongolia. The link to Taranatha was initiated with the 1st Zanabazar, who traces his previous incarnation to Taranatha and his preceding succesion of embodiments. This connection endures to the present-day.

jf_taranatha_mongollia.jpg One artifact that gives evidence for this historic connection is a realist statue of Taranatha that is found in the personal collection of the first Zanabazar, in his winter palace. The statue is large and lifelike, with a full goatee,...

Jonang Documentary: An Appeal from the Filmmaker

Over the last few weeks we have been proudly promoting a Kickstarter campaign for the new documentary, Whispering Mountains: The Living Presence of the Jonang . Only five days remain to fund this campaign on Kickstarter! The film project is being undertaken in collaboration with the Jonang Foundation, and the principal photography will begin in just a few weeks. We will later expand production to the U.S. The film explores the Jonang tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, long believed lost to the culture, which has in recent decades been revealed largely through the work of Jonang Foundation and its partners,to be not only surviving, but thriving and vital!


Whispering Mountains: A Kickstarter Campaign

Whispering Mountains: The Living Presence of the Jonang is a feature-length documentary in production that tells the story of the Jonang, capturing on film for the first time this distinct tradition of Buddhism that was thought by many to be lost, but is now appearing to the world outside of its remote enclaves in far eastern Tibet. The film narrates the history of the Jonang Buddhist tradition, from their settling in central Tibet in the thirteenth century to their migration across the plateau and resettling in eastern Tibet from the mid-seventeenth century onwards up to the present-day. 3.0

Conceived a decade ago in eastern Tibet, and incorporated a year later in the U.S., Jonang Foundation is commemorating its ten year anniversay with the launch of a full upgrade to our online home: This upgrade commences version 3.0 of the website. The first generation was a few simple pages of text describing our mission, launched in 2005. By 2007, we had built a Drupal platform site. That version 2.0 site went under several improvements over the years, but none that total the overhaul that we have with this launch.

Jonang Sites Database

We thought to share with you some of our preliminary findings on an ongoing research database to map the geographical history of Jonang monasteries and sites. Since 2004, we at Jonang Foundation have conducted textual and field research on places and institutions affiliated with the Jonang Buddhist tradition. This is enabling us to track the historical migration and spatial presence of the Jonangpa across the Tibetan plateau.

jf_siteclusters.jpg Jonang Site Clusters

There are at present almost 50 sites located on the map out of the...