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The Jonangpa Blog

JF Newsletter #1: Summer 2007

Dear Friends & Benefactors of Jonang Foundation:

We are very pleased to bring you this inaugural issue of JF's bi-annual email newsletter. This edition contains several updates on the progress of our field research and ongoing projects in Tibet, as well as news regarding some of our latest programs and initiatives online, and around the world.

Great Stupa of Jonang, Central Tibet

JF's E-Newsletter #1

We at Jonang Foundation invite you to view the inaugural issue of our bi-annual online newsletter.

Contents in this issue include:

Message from JF's Executive Director Excerpt from JF's Digital Library Tibet Primary School Project Jonang Publication Series Teachings & Kalachakra, Italy Art & Literature Collection

Zhentong Supplication

A Supplication to the Profound Zhentong Madhyamaka Lineage

Composed by the great Jonang master Jetsun Taranatha (1575-1653) with added verses by the modern Jonang scholar Khenpo Ngawang Lodro Drakpa (1920-75), this supplication to the zhentong masters traces this unbroken and distinctive Zhentong Madhyamaka lineage from its ancient Indian ancestors up to the present living masters. Serving as a genealogical record for this sutra transmission line, these verses of poetic supplication to the generations of primary zhentong masters is an invaluable resource for understanding the history of this philosophical and contemplative tradition.

Treatise on Awareness

Ordinary Awareness & Pristine Awareness: A Treatise on the Distinction

Composed by the 3rd Karmapa Rangjung Dorje (1284-1339), this treatise on the nature of awareness has been characterized by Tibetan masters as articulating a distinctive " zhentong " view. Rangjung Dorje's poetic work distinguishes the minds of buddhas from those of non-buddhas in clear and precise prose, giving us insights into the subtle movements and dynamics of awareness.

Essence of Zhentong

Taranatha's condensed text on the different schools and systems of Buddhist philosophy known as the " Essence of Zhentong " was recently published. This new book also includes a translation of Taranatha's " Twenty-one Profound Points ," differentiating the zhentong views of Shakya Chogden and Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen .

Dolpopa's Masterpiece

Dolpopa's masterpiece work on zhentong is now available in English.

Title : " Mountain Doctrine: Tibet's Fundamental Treatise on Other-Emptiness and the Buddha Matrix "
Translator : Jeffrey Hopkins, Professor Emeritus at UVA
Publisher : Snow Lion, 2006
Review : " The Mountain Doctrine of Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen is one of the great monuments of Tibetan philosophic