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The Jonangpa Blog

Jonang Pubications III

Jonang Publication Series III Released

The third set in the Jonang Publication Series (Jo nang dpe tshogs) is now available for purchase from Jonang Foundation. This ongoing series of select Tibetan Buddhist classics features important works by major Jonang authors from all genres of sutra and tantra. Each work in this series is chosen from the corpus of Jonang literature to reflect the contemporary scholastic curriculum within Jonang monastic universities inside Tibet. Several texts in this series are being made available in published form for the first time in centuries.

Review: The Chapter on Sadhana

With her intuitive sense of the text, Vesna Wallace, one of the foremost Kālachakra scholars of our time, has eloquently deciphered and rendered the fourth chapter on the Sādhanā from the Kālachakra Tantra into the English language. Along with her previous publication of the second chapter on the Individual in this same series, this chapter on the Sādhanā or practice manual completes two of the Kālachakra Tantra’s five chapters in English. Both of these translations include the root tantra along with its explanatory commentary, the Vimalaprabhā or Stainless Light . [1]

While reading the recently published translation of the Kālachakra Sādhanā, I...

Tibet Trip Testimonial

“Thank you Michael and Amitabha Travel for the opportunity to go on this once-in-a-lifetime trip! If anyone wanted to experience the power places of Tibet, there could be no better itinerary. Riding into Lhasa on the bus from the airport and seeing the Potala on the start of the journey just set the tone for what was to follow –- a taste of things to come. The highlight of the trip for me was the Great Stupa of Jonang, because it encapsulated for me what Tibetan Buddhism was actually all about –- forgetfulness of the world, devotion to the teacher and the teachings and overcoming the obstacles on the way. It was not an easy journey because of the altitude and the cultural differences, but in a way those only enhanced the meaning of the trip

Jonang Sites Interactive Map

The following post is by Connor McCarty, an honors student at the University of Alabama and contributor to Jonang Foundation. [1]

jf_mapimage_02.jpg Interactive Map of Jonang Sites

Working in collaboration with the University of Alabama, we at Jonang Foundation have developed an interactive satellite map of Jonang sites across Tibet. Providing precise geographic locations of key Jonang sites, this map allows users to navigate both historical and active Jonang monasteries, stupas, nunneries, meditation caves, and other relevant landmark sites like never before.

Viewers can now traverse the Tibetan plateau and see the migration and spatial presence of the Jonangpa with an unprecedented degree of accuracy. Each site is marked at its exact co-ordinal location, providing an invaluable resource to researchers and interested members of the community alike.

Pilgrimage to Tibet

Pilgrimage to Tibet 2011

jf_mountains_01.jpg Mountain Prayer Flags

August 13 - August 29, 2011

A Cultural & Educational Expedition Hosted by Jonang Foundation

In Collaboration with Amitabha Travel Agency

Join us this summer on a pilgrimage to power places in Tibet.

Traversing through the vast terrain of the mountainous landscapes of south and central Tibet (U-Tsang; Tibetan Autonomous Region) ― this journey will take you through the ages and across the boundaries of cultural imagination to encounter the...

Remembering Gene Smith

Gene.jpg E. Gene Smith

E. Gene Smith, the eminent Tibetologists, founder of the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center (TBRC), and a guiding member of the Executive Board of Jonang Foundation passed away on the afternoon of Thursday December 16, 2010. The following are brief personal reflections: [1]

A week ago Friday at dawn, after mourning all night, I rolled my legs over the bedside and gazed out the window into the gray-glow skyscape of New York City. “I live in a world without Gene Smith” was my only thought. It’s a qualitatively different world.

Gene was a grandfather of Tibetan studies in the United States. Many of us would not be doing what we do if it were not for Gene. I certainly would not. From his introductory essays, to the Library of Congress PL480 project that brought us the books we grew up on, to his personal insights, Gene guided generations of Tibetologists.

Dolpopa on Emptiness

The following post is titled, Emptiness of Self-nature and Emptiness of Other by Cyrus Stearns, a contributing author to the Jonangpa blog. It is an excerpt from the reprint of The Buddha from Dolpo (Snow Lion Publications, 2010). Posted here with permission from the author. [1]

The key in Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen's approach is to link his view of the absolute as empty only of other relative phenomena ( gzhan stong ) to the teachings of the Kṛtayuga, as opposed to the teachings of the Tretāyuga and later eons that emphasize even absolute reality is empty of self-nature ( rang stong...

"The Buddha from Dolpo"

Revised Version of "The Buddha from Dolpo" Now Available

The Buddha from Dolpo: A Study of the Life and Thought of the Tibetan Master Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen by Cyrus Stearns is now in a revised and expanded edition.

bufrdo.jpg Book Cover

"The Buddha from Dölpo is the most significant contribution to the study of the life and revelations of one of the most enigmatic personalities in Tibetan intellectual history, the Jonang master Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen (1292–1361). Narrating Dolpopa's life story and evolution of thought, Cyrus Stearns lucidly describes how this foremost exponent of shentong philosophical thinking and Kalachakra tantric practice served as the catalyst figure for the Jonang Buddhist tradition during its formative period in fourteenth-century Tibet.

Lecture in Alabama

Lecture on JF's Work: At the University of Alabama

April 16, 2010

The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

"Applied Scholarship in Tibetan Cultural Regions of China: Perspectives and Contributions from Jonang Foundation"

Michael R. Sheehy, Ph.D.

In this talk, Dr. Michael Sheehy, the founder and director of Jonang Foundation will discuss seminal themes at the intersection of scholarship and development work in culturally Tibetan regions of western China.

Iron Tiger Year!

Happy Iron Tiger New Year!

JF_tiger_0153.jpg Iron Tiger

Thank you for supporting our educational and cultural preservation initiatives at Jonang Foundation this past year and for your ongoing patronage.

Many wishes for a happy and prosperous year of the Iron Tiger!

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