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Making a Donation or Pilgrimage Payment

Instructions for Donations and Pilgrimage Payments

The Jonang foundation is in the process of our configuring an online store but we have not yet announced this or added these pages to the main menu of our website. Please forgive any rough edges you may encounter.

Donations, pilgrimage program payments and shippable items such as books may all be added to the store "shopping cart" before checkout and payment.


Payment Steps

1. Payment Amount

Start from the Donation or Pilgrimage Payment page.

Please enter the amount of the payment in the "Payment Amount" box, click the large blue "Add to Cart" button to continue

2. Shopping Cart

This will take you to the "Cart" page where you can review chosen items before checkout. If you are only making a Pilgrimage Program payment please click to the large blue "Checkout" button to continue.

You may also remove items or change quantities of items for purchase on this page.  If you browse other pages or store prouducts at this point your selection is not forgotten - you may return to this page at any time from the "View Cart" link visible in the right sidebar.

3. Checkout

On the checkout page please enter your contact email and billing address. If you are purchasing books or other shippable items you will also be asked to enter your delivery address.

Please use the "Order Comments" to indicate the pilgrimage options you would like and whether the amount is a deposit or final payment.

Click the large blue "Review Order" button to submit your address.  Please check your final order details for accuracy (click back button to ammend) before clicking the "Continue" button.

4. Payment

You will be presented with a secure payment page hostsed by  Please enter your credit card information and click "Pay with your credit card" to complete your order.


IMPORTANT: After the message indicating that your payment has been made you may see a security warning message in your web browser when you return to the Jonang foundation website.  We are awaiting an update to remove this message. Please don't be concerned, it just means you are leaving a secure website and returning to a normal one.  Your transaction is already complete at this time and you may safely close your browser window.