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The Rngog Collection


This 10 volume set was reproduced by Paltseg Publications along with the 7 volume Kalachakra commentary series (see below). These two collections make a complete set titled, "Phyag bris gces btus" in 17 volumes but are being sold here separately.

Works in this series are in cursive Tibetan script (dbu med). This series was reproduced by Paltseg Publications, Dpal brtsegs bod yig dpe rnying zhib 'jug khang (Beijing, 2007).

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Title: Rngog chos skor phyogs bsgrigs. Contents by volume are:

  1. Rngog chos rdo rje'i gsung
  2. Rngog che sdang rdo rje'i gsung
  3. Rngog zhe sdang rdo rje'i gsung
  4. Rngog rgyal tsham thog med grags pa'i gsung
  5. Tshe'u ban de'i gsung
  6. Mgar ston bkra shis dbang phyug gi gsung
  7. Rtsags dar ma rgyal po'i gsung
  8. Tre bo rdo rje gon po'i gsung
  9. Dge slong dbang phug rin chen gyi gsung
  10. Khams pa ro mnyam rdo rje'i gsung

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