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Dzamthang Tsangwa Monastery

dzam thang gtsang ba
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Tsangwa Gabma, gtsang ba 'gab ma, gtsang ba dgon, shar 'dzam thang bsam 'grub nor bu'i gling, 'dzam thang gtsang ba dgon bsam 'grub nor bu'i gling, 中壤塘寺

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The major monastic seat (gdan sa) of the Jonang tradition today in Amdo

, Tsangwa Monastery was established by Lodro Namgyal, one of Taranatha's heart disciples. In 1658, the year that Taranatha's Takten Damcho Ling was officially converted in U-Tsang, Lodro Namgyal bestowed the full Kalachakra empowerment at this site during its inauguration ceremony.


Along with Choje Monastery, Tsangwa became a sanctuary for the Jonangpa in Amdo. Today, Tsangwa is the central monastic complex of the Jonang and is associated with Jonang affiliate monasteries (dgon lags) throughout Eastern Tibet.

32° 20' 55.464" N, 101° 9' 43.74" E