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Jonang Documentary: An Appeal from the Filmmaker

Over the last few weeks we have been proudly promoting a Kickstarter campaign for the new documentary, Whispering Mountains: The Living Presence of the Jonang . Only five days remain to fund this campaign on Kickstarter! The film project is being undertaken in collaboration with the Jonang Foundation, and the principal photography will begin in just a few weeks. We will later expand production to the U.S. The film explores the Jonang tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, long believed lost to the culture, which has in recent decades been revealed largely through the work of Jonang Foundation and its partners,to be not only surviving, but thriving and vital!


Whispering Mountains: A Kickstarter Campaign

Whispering Mountains: The Living Presence of the Jonang is a feature-length documentary in production that tells the story of the Jonang, capturing on film for the first time this distinct tradition of Buddhism that was thought by many to be lost, but is now appearing to the world outside of its remote enclaves in far eastern Tibet. The film narrates the history of the Jonang Buddhist tradition, from their settling in central Tibet in the thirteenth century to their migration across the plateau and resettling in eastern Tibet from the mid-seventeenth century onwards up to the present-day.