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Lhatse (lha rtse)

Tangtong Gyalpo's Bridge

Iron suspension bridge built by the mahasiddha Tangtong Gyalpo (1361-1485); on the road in front of Takten Phuntsok Ling Monastery. Tangtong Gyalpo considered himself a reincarnation of Dolpopa and visited Jonang on several occasions.


Rinchen Ling Nunnery

Located in the valley adjacent from Cholung Changtse, this is one of the only active Jonang sites in U-Tsang. The monastery is said to have been a place where Rwa Lotsawa lived. During the lifetime of Kunga Dolchok (1507-1565), Rinchen Ling was a small Jonang monastery. When Takten Damcho Ling became a Geluk monastery in the mid-17th century, Rinchen Ling was then also converted into a Geluk establishment. In the 1990's, it was changed back to a Jonang nunnery.

Cholung Changtse Monastery

Cholung Changtse Monastery was Kunga Drolchok's monastic seat (gdan sa)

Great Stupa Mountain Hermitage

Situated about an hour north of Takten Damcho Ling (rtag brtan dam chos gling) in the valley of Jomonang, this site is most often referred to as, "Jonang Richo Chenmo" or the "Great Mountain Hermitage of the Jonang," and was the 1st site of the Jonangpa.

  •  Great Stupa Mountain Hermitage 1
  •  Great Stupa Mountain Hermitage 2

Takten Damcho Puntsok Ling Monastery

Takten Damcho Ling Ngedon Gaway Tshal, sometimes referred to as "Takten Phuntsok Ling,"