Lungkya Monastery

The monastery of the late Jonang master Tulku Ngawang Pema Namgyel (1925-2008). The home to Tashi Gyaltsen Rinpoche and Khenpo Delek Rabgye.

Rinchen Ling Nunnery

Located in the valley adjacent from Cholung Changtse, this is one of the only active Jonang sites in U-Tsang. The monastery is said to have been a place where Rwa Lotsawa lived. During the lifetime of Kunga Dolchok (1507-1565), Rinchen Ling was a small Jonang monastery. When Takten Damcho Ling became a Geluk monastery in the mid-17th century, Rinchen Ling was then also converted into a Geluk establishment. In the 1990's, it was changed back to a Jonang nunnery.

Tsechu Monastery

Was established as a Bon monastery in the year 1146, then was changed into a Jonang monastery by Ratnakirti (1451-1528). There have been nine incarnations in the line of the throne-holders of Tshechu.

Swe Nunnery

Swe Nunnery was originally established as a mountain retreat above the hills behind Swe Monastery. It was officially designated as a nunnery under the patronage and governance of Swe Monastery 16 years ago. Currently, it is the only active Jonang nunnery in Amdo.

Tsechen Monastery

Tsechen Monastery was the main monastic seat (gdan sa) of Nyawon Kunga Pal

Cholung Changtse Monastery

Cholung Changtse Monastery was Kunga Drolchok's monastic seat (gdan sa)

Akyong Yarthang Monastery

The 1st Jonang monastery in the Golok cultural region

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Choje Monastery

Choje Monastery was the 1st Jonang establishment in the Amdo region of Far Eastern Tibet.